White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO Techniques

Now as you know some fundamental concepts about search engine optimization. Now we are moving forward to know about white hat SEO and black hat SEO techniques. But differentiating both, there is also the third type of search engine optimization which is known as grey hat SEO.

We all want to rank our website on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. But all search engines are using a smart algorithm to provide the relevant result to user search queries. All search engines have guidelines for webmasters. So if someone uses their guidelines, can easily rank his/her website.

So in today video, we are going to discuss the main types of Search Engine Optimization.

1. White Hat SEO Techniques:

In White Hat SEO, we follow all the guidelines of the search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask etc). White Hat SEO is a slow process but the search engine doesn’t blacklist your website. Your website will be safe if you are using White Hat SEO techniques. You can bring organic traffic to your site.

Search Engines like Google are updating their search algorithms regularly. They are becoming smart. If you follow the Google Search Engine Guidelines your site can’t be penalized by Google. There are some White Hat SEO techniques.

  • Follow the search engine guidelines.
  • Keyword research is key for your website ranking.
  • Create quality contents for your site.
  • Don’t copy and paste other people contents.
  • Don’t use other people multimedia like images, videos, podcast, infographics etc. on your site.
  • Create quality backlinks which are relevant to your website.

Black Hat SEO Techniques:

 When you don’t follow the search engine guidelines the process is called Black Hat SEO. These are all unethical techniques which are harmful to your site. Some people are trying to rank their site very quickly, for this reason, they are using such types of tactics and tricks. But later on, the search engine adds its site to the blacklist. Following are some major examples of Black Hat SEO techniques.

Contents Duplication:

Means copying other people contents like blog articles, images, videos etc. and publishing on your website with any proper permission. Whenever Google finds duplicate contents on a website, the site is penalized.

Keyword Stuffing:

Have you ever thought that some people insert more and more keyword into a blog page or post for artificial ranking in Google. This process is known as keyword stuffing.

Negative SEO:

A negative SEO is a process to report a competitor.

Social Network Spamming:

Social Media now a day is a good platform. But some people are using social media for social spamming such that they are sharing the same link again and again which is a black hat SEO technique.

Link Selling and Buying:

Backlinks play an important role in search engine ranking. But some people are selling and buying link to increase the number of backlinks.

Article Spinning:

Some people are using software and automated systems to generate and create automatic articles. You know there is a lot of online software used for this purpose.

Other main types of black hat SEO are pages with viruses, clocking, link spamming and hidden text and links inside a website.

Gray Hat SEO Techniques:

Gray Hat SEO is the combination of both the white hat SEO and black hat SEO. Some people can’t wait for a long time. Therefore they are mixing both white and black hat SEO techniques for their website ranking.

Following are some examples of white Gray Hat SEO:

  • Buying backlinks on most popular and ranked websites.
  • Inviting people to comment on your website comment section.
  • Buying social media fans like Facebook pages, groups etc.
  • Negative reviews on most popular blog posts.
  • Paying others to reviews for your site, products and services.
  • Exchange links.
  • Multiple social media accounts for the same website.


There are three main types of Search Engine Optimization. The White Hat SEO techniques are ethical and you can bring organic traffic to your website. So always try to use the White Hat SEO on your website to promote your product and services. The black Hat SEO techniques are those in which the guidelines of the search engine are ignored. All these tactics and tricks are harmful to long term results.

While in Gray Hat SEO majority techniques are White Hat while a few tactics and tricks are of black hat SEO.


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