Search Engine is a web-based software system, which uses the complex Algorithms to crawl, index and rank websites. 

Every Search Engine doesn’t share its search Algorithms openly. 

They only share their search engine guidelines.

 Some of the world most popular search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and Baidu, etc. 

What is Google?

Google is the world most used search engine. 

Because it provides features like Google images, Blogger (Which is free blogging platform), YouTube and Google Play Store. 

How Does Search Engine work?​

How Does Search Engine Works?

The main function of the search engine is to provide the relevant and accurate search result to its users according to the given search query which is also known as “Keywords”.

Every search engine uses its Algorithms of crawling, indexing and ranking. 

They update their Algorithms regularly to avoid spamming, duplicate contents, and to show the latest and fresh contents. 

What is crawling in SEO?

In Search Engine Optimization Crawling is the discovery process, in which search engine send their robots( which is also known as crawler or spider) to find new and updated content. 

Every second people around the world publish new blog posts, video, images etc.

 The crawler read the source code of the web-page and store the results in their local servers.

what is indexing in SEO?

Indexing is the process of organizing the contents found by crawler into their specific categories for efficient use. 

In our daily life, we use dictionaries and directories to search a word or information easily.

Therefore, indexing web-pages is a process to find a website quickly and easily.

What is  Ranking in SEO?

Every Search Engine uses thousand of factors to rank a website. 

The ranked websites are therefore shown on the result page which is also known as SERP.

 The main purpose of ranking is to provide the most relevant and updated content which satisfies the searcher.

To learn more, we have a step by step video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi. Watch this tutorial. 

If you have any question. Write down in comment section we will try our best to answer all of your questions.

Watch this complete Video Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi 

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