Hi, friends in today video I am going discuss complete on-page SEO techniques in Urdu/Hindi. All these techniques are very important for your website optimization. Whenever we are going to publish a blog post on our blog on a specific keyword. We must have to research the keyword using keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest etc. After the research, we have to follow the given techniques.

On-Page SEO Techniques

1. Include Your Targeted keywords in your title:

It is important to start your page or post title with your targeted keyword. Because of search engine crawl and index all web pages and post. If you ignore your targeted keyword in your title you can’t rank on the top of search engine result page.

2. Make  URL SEO-Friendly: 

If you are using CMS like WordPress it is easy to make short and sweet URL. Don’t make a long and ugly URL. Include your keyword at the start of URL.

3. Use Heading Tags for good on-page SEO: 

Heading tags are very important.They are starting from H1 to H6 and are used for Heading and Sub-heading. Use your targeted keyword at least one time in H1 tag and also in the H2 tag. Use Bullets, Numbering and Lists in your blog post. Highlight your keyword in your blog post.

4. How to Start your first paragraph: 

Your first paragraph is the most important piece of the entire blog post. Include your targeted keyword in the first 100-150 word of your blog post. If you don’t target your keyword, in the beginning, there are a lot of chances that your reader may leave your site and also search engine will ignore your blog post or page.

5. Use long-Tail keywords:

 There are some keywords like best, how, reviews, how-to, latest, ultimate, that can bring a lot of traffic to your website. So use these type of keywords in your blog post.

6. Use multimedia:

 Insert best quality images, screenshots, videos, podcasts etc. in your blog post. Because all these types of contents are useful for both the search engine and people who are visiting your site. You can engage your viewers through info-graphics.

7. Make PC, Tablet and Mobile friendly website:

 Your website designing is the most important factor in search engine optimization. If your blog or website is not user-friendly people will leave your site. Another main point to keep in mind is a lot of people are using their Mobile phones to search online, so use responsive design.

8. Use external links:

 External links are also known as Outbound links. They are important in on-page SEO. When you are writing an article for your blog use outbound links to link your website to the useful resources.

9. Use internal links:

 Internal links are links which are used within your website. For example when you are linking your related post or pages. It will help search engine to figure out your page or post topic.

10. Image optimization for on-page SEO:

 It is important to insert at least one image in your blog post. But also keep in mind that image optimization is very important. Use Alt text, Title, Caption and  Description,  when you are adding images to your blog post. Compress your image, you can also increase your website speed.

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