Best SEO Tools Guide to Rank in Google 2022 [UPDATED]

If you’re looking for the best SEO tools to help you rank in Google, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll share our guide to the top SEO tools for 2020 and beyond. We’ll also discuss how to use these tools to improve your website’s ranking in Google search results. So read on for all the details!

What is SEO and why do you need it for your website?

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you rank in Google, which is why it’s so important for your website. If people can’t find your site when they search for the type of products or services you offer, then what’s the point? You want to make sure that all aspects of your business are SEO-friendly – everything from your website to your email newsletter signup form.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization:

– SEO helps you connect with new customers.

– It helps to bring more traffic to your site.

– When people find your site in search results, it works like free advertising. But keep in mind that it takes time for Google to rank your website. You may not see an instant return on investment (ROI) right away.

We have a complete SEO tutorial for beginners in which you can learn more about Search Engine Optimization.

Benefits of SEO Tools:

In our best SEO Tools guide we have included some advantages of SEO Tools.

– Discover which keywords competitors are using to drive traffic, then use them on your site too!

– Increase your website’s search engine ranking.

– Find the most popular keywords your customers are using to find your site.

– Improve your website’s crawlability and indexing to help Google find and rank your best content.

– Research keyword ideas to boost organic traffic.

– Find key insights about your website’s performance with deep analysis of historical data, top related keywords, and more.

– Maintain your website’s SEO health.

– Fix issues that are causing suboptimal rankings, which could be keeping you from being found by Google or users.

– Improve your overall site structure.

– Keep track of your best performing pages, so you know what content to promote.

– Pinpoint areas that are causing suboptimal rankings with site audits.

– Get an overview of how your website is doing

That’s why we recommend you follow best seo tools guide and best practices to improve your website’s ranking and visibility in Google search results. SEO is a long-term strategy, but it can definitely pay off if you have patience.

Types of SEO tools available:

Here are some best seo tools which everyone need to know about.

1. Google Trends:

Google Trends

Google Trends is an online tool that shows you what people are searching for. You can easily find the trending topic worldwide and even country wise with the help of Google Trend.

 Another good thing about Google Trends is that you can compare search trends for various topics and see which one performs best over time.

Google Ads Keyword Planner:

Google Adword Keyword Planner

Looking to up your SEO game? Then you need Google Ads Keyword Planner. This powerful tool lets you research keywords and see how they perform in ads. 

It also helps you come up with new keyword ideas, so you can target the right audience for your business. With Google Ads Keyword Planner, you’ll be able to boost your website’s ranking and get more traffic in no time!

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a best free SEO analytics tool for all types of website especially ecommerce websites. You can easily track your visitors. Google Analytics provide complete detail about your website. 

For example you can see real-time traffic, direct traffic, social traffic and traffic from search engines with the help of this amazing analytic tool. In short Google analytics provides the complete detail of your website traffic from best keywords.

Answer The Public:

Answer the Public

Answer The Public is a free SEO tool that can help you generate keyword ideas. You just have to enter your best keywords and it will show you related queries. If you need long-tail keyword finder then Answer the Public is best tool for you. You can also find low competition keywords with the help of this tool.



BuzzSumo is another free SEO tool and content marketing platform that makes keyword research easier. You can find out the best performing content on any topic, along with other related topics.

BuzzSumo also helps you find influencers in your niche who have written top-performing content, so that you can connect with them and build relationships. It’s especially useful for guest blogging because it shows you which blogs are accepting guest posts at the moment, along with how many backlinks they’ve got



To find duplicate contents Siteliner is a free SEO tool that can help you find low-quality or duplicate contents on your site.



Ubersuggest is another best free SEO tool that will give you keyword ideas from Google auto suggest results. So if you’re wondering what people are searching for on Google, try out Ubersuggest. If you are looking to find long tail and low competition keywords. Ubersuggest is best seo tools guide for best keywords ideas.

Google Search Console:

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the essential SEO tool for website owners. It provides you with insights into how your website is performing in Google search, as well as tools to help you improve your ranking and visibility. 

With Search Console, you can track your site’s crawl status, optimize your pages for better indexing, and resolve indexing issues. Plus, you can also submit sitemaps and verify your ownership of a website. Get started today and see the results for yourself!

Similar Web:

Similar Web

Similar Web is the perfect tool for anyone looking to improve their website’s search engine ranking. It provides in-depth insights into your website’s traffic and competition, so you can make informed decisions about how to boost your ranking and attract more visitors. 

With Similar Web, you can track your website’s progress and see how you compare to your competitors – all in one convenient place. So why wait? Sign up for a free account today and start improving your SEO strategy!

Keyword Everywhere:

With Keyword Everywhere, you can get valuable keyword data right within your browser! Just enter a keyword and see how many monthly searches it gets on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and more. Plus, get related keywords and SERP features data to help you optimize your website for top results.



Woorank is a must-have SEO tool that provides instant feedback on your website’s SEO performance. With Woorank, you can quickly identify and fix any issues that are holding your website back from ranking at the top of search engines. Plus, Woorank gives you actionable insights to help you improve your website’s overall SEO. So whether you’re a beginner or an SEO expert, Woorank is the perfect tool for you.

Semrush SEO Tool:

Semrush SEO Tool

Semrush SEO Tool is a great tool that can help you to improve your website ranking on google. It has many great features including competitor analysis, backlink checker, and site audit. With this tool, you can track your progress and optimize your website for higher rankings.

Semrush is one of the most popular SEO tools on the market. With Semrush, you can easily research your competition and find new opportunities to improve your SEO strategy. Semrush also provides a range of other features, such as backlink analysis, rank tracking, and site audits. If you’re looking for an all-in-one SEO tool, Semrush is definitely worth considering.

Ahrefs SEO Tool:

Ahref SEO Tool

Image Source: Ahrefs

Looking to improve your website’s SEO? Look no further than Ahrefs SEO Tools.Ahrefs is easy-to-use SEO tool. If you want to explore your website Ahrefs has a powerful Site Explorer. Everything you need to know about your site and keyword research Ahrefs will help you.  



Looking for profitable keywords to target in your next SEO campaign? Semscoop can help! With its massive database of keywords, you can uncover hidden gems that have low competition and high potential for traffic. 

Simply type in a keyword or phrase and let Semscoop do the rest – it’ll give you a list of related keywords along with their competitiveness and search volume. So stop wasting time gathering data manually – let Semscoop show you the way to SEO success!

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The best SEO tool should be able to give you information about keywords, how often the search term is used, average CPC (how much advertisers are willing to pay for each click) and demographic data which makes it easier to pick the best keyword.

If you want to rank in Google 2022, it’s time to start taking your SEO seriously. This guide will help you find the best free and premium tools for implementing a successful SEO strategy that gets results. Keep reading if you want more information about how to use these tools effectively or need tips on what tasks are needed at different stages of an SEO campaign (such as keyword research). We can also provide additional insights into why certain strategies work better than others according to our years of experience working with this industry. Now go out there and get ready for the next era!

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